The Brand & Its Values

madeleine thompson
Madeleine Thompson is a leading British cashmere luxury lifestyle brand. Having grown up in both London and Hong Kong, Madeleine melds her experiences and perspectives from both ends of the globe into one unique design aesthetic. Known for her contemporary, chic shapes, and fierce approach to pattern and color, her brand has become a go to destination for women seeking the stylish and unexpected take on their everyday cashmere knitwear essentials.

Represented by stockists around the world and seen on women from Michelle Monaghan to Anna Brewster, Marie Noorbergen to Kara Rose Marshall, Madeleine Thompson seamlessly blends the very highest quality cashmere with a wardrobe of standout staples designed to accompany her customers as they go about their day, through work, travel, play and beyond. As she puts it, our lives, the way we live them, and the way that all the different facets of our personalities intersect are at the heart of everything I do.

Madeleine Thompson’s commitment to produce high quality products for her clients are only matched by her sustainability efforts. She uses the highest grade cashmere and sources the yarn from reputable suppliers who are committed to providing traceable fiber of the highest quality. This is continually monitored. The yarn mill has a clear animal welfare policy and all of her knitwear is made in-house, in partnership with the same factory she has worked with since she launched over 10 years ago. The owner is her production manager and they exclusively make for her, so it’s a very unique partnership / relationship.

Furthermore, the collection has a limited production line and they do not overproduce. She is continually reviewing her sources with the intention of working as sustainably as possible. Madeleine is currently investigating new technologies which would enable her to repurpose old discarded yarn fibers into new yarn. It's a challenging process, but we do hope to have something very exciting to share with you soon. Discover more of her sustainable cashmere knitwear world, here at Madeleine Thompson.