· By Madeleine Green

Interview with Kara Rose Marshall

Have you just had a baby? Congrats! How is that going? It’s such a magical time isn’t it?

I gave birth to baby Duke in October and things are going great, the first month I felt like I’d been at Glastonbury for weeks but now I’m really getting into the swing of motherhood and it’s the most rewarding lovely magical feeling in the world.

How have you found getting back into the swing of things?

I couldn’t wait to feel like Me again so I just had to get dressed up and go out and feel good about my self, you just have to live like you did pre-baby.

Any tips and any questions?

Take any help that is offered, eat well ,sleep when you can and just enjoy it.

Could you share some of your London insider special spots?

I love a pub (not that I drink anymore) but my local is the Royal Oak.

Cinema is my fav chill time I go to Screen on the Green in Islington which has the best pizza and posh red velvet sofas.

As for coffee shops Climpson & Son on Broadway market - and the market on a Saturday is lovely. Then a stroll up the canal up to Islington.

Madeleine Thompson Cashmere: 3 word that pop into your head to describe it?

Luxury, Comforting, The best