· By Madeleine Green

Interview with Anna Brewster

Can you pick your 2 favorite acting jobs you’ve done and why?

It’s difficult, they all have made an impression for different reasons. Anita and me was my first job so I guess I have to choose that, being green to it all and soaking up every minute. I remember a real sense of achievement when driving him from finishing shooting. Like it sinking in that I’d just made a film. Then I guess the job I just did for Netflix. It’s my first lead In a major film and we shot it in South Africa. It’s great shooting on location, you get to experience a totally different Place, I went on about 5 safaris. Africa is a special place. 

Are auditions as difficult as they sound?

They can be. Sometimes you have to do things you know you aren’t right for which can get a bit soul destroying with the amount of work you put in. I used to get really nervous all the time but now I’d rarely do unless as I say I know I’m not right for it and will 100% balls it up. But I guess you can’t be right for everything.

Quick fire answers please:

Rainbow or Houndstoot? - Rainbow Long 

Short or long? - Long 

Black or white? - Black 

Leather or lace? - Leather 

You’ve done some amazing roles and they’re all so varied and cool. 

How do you pick them?

I think they pick me. To be honest you get sent a lot of bad material but when you get the good ones you get really excited and work extra hard. I just did an action film for the first time and that was super fun, I loved it, the adrenaline rush after was great if not a little exhausting 

What are the main differences in working in the UK versus America

Coffee! In America there is always great coffee on sets 

You seem to love what you do but maintain a great sense of yourself and Humor through it all. 

How important do you think that is in your industry?

I think you have to, you have to pick yourself up a lot after knockbacks. It a fun job and I guess I’m lucky to be doing something I love so what’s not to smile about! 

Where might we see you rocking Madeleine Thompson cashmere soon?

I am wearing it right now on the tube as I head home from seeing friends, it so comfortable I don’t want to take it off!