· By Madeleine Green

Interview with Tess Ward

What was the best thing you ate in the last week?

Food made, bought and given as gestures are always my fave. Probably because my testbuds are needy for goodness.

I’ve been working a lot and not eaten out in a few weeks.... but one of my favorite people bright me some salted lemon chocolate and also lavender which were amazing.

Always best to take a sip of hot tea before so it melts on the tongue

There seems to be a lot of joy and love that goes into everything you do.

How do you keep everything feeling so fresh and genuine and keep your voice and space so real?

Oh wow, that’s a lovely thing to say.

For me, life is a constant reassessment of focus, energy, work and enjoyment. I used to be so driven to achieve and was actively falling over myself to oppose some of the stillness I desperately needed.

As much as being in the food business is a wonderful passion, I enjoy creativity in many avenues of my life and like to share some of this - like art and poetry and books, because recommendations and referrals is how I find new things of interest.... it’s wonderful to spread that sort of love

Could we please steal 2 London secret spots from you!?

For food, it’s got to be Perilla in Stokey. It’s my local and they are amazing chefs

For good Indian food, which is one of my faves - it would be Trishna

MT cashmere: Favourite places to wear it?

Not to be a total granny about it but quality is number 1 when it comes to clothes for me and where Madeleine Thompson smashes it is on detail and wearability. I’d go from a day of work wearing the sleeved piece in leggings, to black jeans and heeled boots, for a cool eve look.

Best and worst recent food “trends” of the past few years?

I really don’t like the cycling short and oversized jacket style of last year. It’s too much of a copy and paste from the Fendi runway look and no one with a BMI in a semi normal range looks good in it.

It was 2016, or 2017 that brought back with full force the statement style sleeve. I have always been a fan of detracting attention away from cleavage in favor of a cooler alternative

Any upcoming projects that you want to shout from the rooftops about?

At the moment I’m doing a masters in Neuroscience and psychology which is boring for everyone but me. Haha.... but I have some live podcast recordings coming up soon, which you can find updates on my Instagram @tessward