· By Madeleine Green

Interview with Sarah Corbett-Winder

You have this amazing confidence in how you dress. You just own every look and it always feels very YOU every time you put an outfit on.

How did you cultivate this wonderful vibe? Is it very instinctive?

Thank you! My mother always wore fab outfits when I was growing up, so I have always had an understanding about the power in what we wear.

I would say yes, it is instinctive and when I try too hard with an outfit it doesn't work and I end up stripping it back. For me less is more.

My wardrobe is all from the same family - complimentary colours and silhouettes - it's because of that I find putting an outfit together easier, as everyone talks to each other. I realised that I had a serious outfit obsession from a young age, when I was remembering people by their outfits and not by their names!

What are your 5 fashion staples that you can’t live without:

An oversized shirt - striped or white
A really good pair of sunnies - at the moment I am loving big statement ones.
A wide leg jean - denim or ecru.
A blazer - navy or leather for me at the moment
A great piece of cashmere - don't forget this can also be worn on your shoulders.

How important is having fun and not taking it all too seriously (even though fashion is life obviously!)

Oh my gosh this is what life is all about. To laugh is the best tonic and there is nothing better than when you really really laugh.

For me fashion does help you to make you feel confident, I have this a lot with my personal shopping clients. And when you feel confidence you have more fun.

London is known for having 4 seasons in a day, how do you navigate that?

Great question! So layering is the trick, think a blazer with a mac over the top, a scarf around your neck that could go over your head. Just make sure your outfit is very versatile.

How important is knitwear? And more importantly cashmere!!

I am such a knitwear fan and when I mean knitwear I mean cashmere. It's just total heaven to wear and once we have cashmere in your life there isn't really any going back is there?!

I am a huge fan of layering cashmere - a shirt or tight polo-neck underneath. I am particularly loving cashmere in the evenings at the moment.

Actually, when isn't a great time to wear knitwear? It always makes you feel extra special when you wear it. A real luxury in life.

Have your fashion priorities changed since having children?

No and I have been adamant that it wasn't going to! I am that woman that wears a white suit with their kids! I will not have a personality transplant just because I'm a mum.