· By Madeleine Green

Interview with Blanca Miró

Blanca, How Long Have You Lived In Barcelona?

How Much Does The City’s Vibrancy, Color, Art, Food And People Affect Your Sense Of Fashion? 

What do you think?

I’ve lived in Barcelona since I was born, but I lived in London for a year when I was 15 years old.  I think I started to not be embarrassed to play with clothes after living in London. There, I felt freedom to wear whatever I wanted and no one was staring at me on the street. 

In Barcelona, unfortunately, it’s been always different to that. But I’ve grown up and understood you have to wear and do whatever you feel like without thinking on what others will think or say about it. We have other amazing things here like a great mix of cultures, a beautiful city with amazing buildings and places to visit, art, great food, mountains, sea.

There are a lot things inspiring me here or course, and I think it would be difficult for me to move if I think on the great quality of life in Spain.

From your IG it looks like nature and the countryside are very important to you.

Do you mind sharing that side of your life with us?

I have this something with nature and countryside. I’ve always loved staying at home with my family and my beloved ones. There is not a better place to be together than the countryside where you can only hear the birds, smell the nature and enjoy every single moment. 

I love animals, I love silence, I love to feel cozy but I don’t like to be alone!  

The best moment for me is breakfast when I’m in Menorca, going to get some fruits and vegetables in the orchard, visiting some animals, cooking and eating, reading, watching some films and sleeping a lot. Healthy life! 

People really respond to your ‘look’ and I think it’s because you can really tell it’s all yours and it comes straight from the heart.

Do you think in fashion today it’s hard to find your own voice?

is it the best time ever as there is so much out there?

I feel like people are braver than ever now.

Well, I think it’s not easy nowadays to build your own path in this fashion industry and it’s been hard work since day one for me. There are a lot of people who think it’s easy to do something in fashion and to be successful as everything is quite visual. But, if you’re not inside, you can’t know or imagine what’s behind. 

Being selective, true to yourself and to your style, and having interest in learning new things every day is very important to keep your mind busy and make you able to create and start new projects. It’s non-stop! I also have to say after Covid, I’ve discovered so many talented people in this world and I’m so happy that in these difficult times you sometimes take something good from it. 

Did you always want to work in fashion?

Did this all happen very organically?

Would you mind telling us a little about your journey?

Yes, I was born with that in my blood. I’ve grown up in a family where my mum is an interior desginer and my dad was in the classic cars world, so I suppose seeing so much aesthetic things at home made me start to be interested in that. Both of them have great taste btw! 

I bet you have the best shopping secrets in the world!

Will you share some of your best shopping destinations and tips with us please?

Vasquiat is a good example. I launched it about 2 years ago already together with my partner Rafa and there you can find a great mix of the brands I keep on discovering in my day to day – they’re the ones that I think are worth it to be out there and I want to make more people able to discover them!

Also, I’m a huge fan of vintage! Mixing these brands I mentioned before with unique vintage pieces is the greatest mix.