Designer Cashmere Knitwear

Indulge in luxury with our designer cashmere knitwear collection, crafted to offer the ultimate in comfort and style. Made from premium quality, ethically-sourced cashmere, each piece is carefully handcrafted to perfection.

Our collection of designer cashmere knitwear boasts a range of styles, from classic cardigans and sweaters to trendy pullovers and ponchos, all designed to keep you cozy and chic. Our expert designers have paid close attention to detail, ensuring that each garment offers a perfect fit, timeless elegance, and a premium feel.

  • Brina Rainbow Cardigan
    On Sale
    Brina Rainbow Cardigan

    £399.00 Regular price £500.00

  • Goldspur Cream Top
    On Sale
    Goldspur Cream Top

    £308.00 Regular price £390.00

  • Indio Top
    On Sale
    Indio Top

    £284.00 Regular price £360.00

  • Ryan Top
    On Sale
    Ryan Top

    £315.00 Regular price £400.00

    On Sale

    £392.00 Regular price £490.00

  • IXIA Top
    On Sale
    IXIA Top

    £293.00 Regular price £370.00

  • LILAC Pant
    On Sale
    LILAC Pant

    £509.00 Regular price £640.00

  • LATICA Pant
    On Sale
    LATICA Pant

    £461.00 Regular price £580.00

  • Black Erebus Top
    On Sale
    Black Erebus Top

    £287.00 Regular price £360.00

  • Rainbow striped Pricus Cardigan
    On Sale
    Rainbow striped Pricus Cardigan

    £332.00 Regular price £420.00

  • MANNA Top
    On Sale
    MANNA Top

    £288.00 Regular price £360.00

  • PETUNIA Poncho
    On Sale
    PETUNIA Poncho

    £507.00 Regular price £640.00