· By Madeleine Green

Interview with Jessica Van Der Steen

You’ve just moved to LA, right? Are you loving it?

Love being in California! It’s the right fit for our family. Sunshine and outdoor activities are key elements of life.

What are your 3 top LA secrets/spots that you’ve learned since you’ve moved there?

We live up in Rustic canyon which is my favorite place. It’s right by the beach and still a little secret hideaway with trees and hiking trails. I love going to Olivetta in West Hollywood for Friday evening drinks. Great buzzing bar and food. Or San Vicente bungalow for lunch with friends. More then anything else I just love hanging by the fireplace in the winter with a glass of wine and friends around.

What’s your favorite MT cashmere piece?

I’m all about the jumpsuits at the moment. Also love the rainbow prints.

Do you wear your cashmere a lot in LA? Does it work there?

I’m actually wearing MT cashmere at the moment. It does get colder in the evenings here and MT cashmere with jeans is kind of all I wear. You definitely need some pieces. I sometimes wear the jumpsuits to go out. You can dress up a black jumper with niece piece of jewelry and go out. Nobody really dresses up that much in LA.

When did you start modelling?

You’re super down to earth and laid back; Is it rare to find that in your industry? How did you stay so cool?

I’ve started modelling at the age of 14. Now 23 years ago. I’ve had the great pleasure to be surrounded by great mentors and guidance from my agencies. It’s been a fun, amazing career and I still love doing it. It also gets me to travel and get away from the kids once in a while which we all need sometimes.


Jessica Van Der Steen @steenjessicavander