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Interview with Michelle Monaghan

Any resolutions for 2020?

Reading more books is a top priority this year. That, and electing a new President.

How did you stay so goddam cool in an industry known for its loony tunes? 

I’ve always been pretty level-headed thanks to a very grounded and humble upbringing. It also helps that my husband of twenty years, Peter, is not in the biz and we maintain a pretty low-key and private life, which I treasure.

Favourite movie you’ve worked on?
That’s a tough question, I have so many takeaways from every experience - good and bad - that have truly shaped me as a person and an actor. As far as dramas go, probably Trucker. It was an early film that pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and it was a true creative collaboration. The Mission Impossible franchise is one that has been a true pleasure and a gift that keeps on giving. I’m honestly truly grateful for every role. They’re like babies.

Favourite MT cashmere piece? When do you find you wear it?
All of it, all of the time. I’m currently obsessed with the cashmere bodysuit and the animal print cardigans and beanies. It’s honestly what I wear every single day. I travel a ton and I oftentimes start work at 5am, there is nothing cozier to wear, to start and end my day. Also, my kiddos love how soft and cuddly I am. It’s a win-win.

Does the cashmere work in LA?
Heck yes! Los Angeles is all about layers. And call me crazy, but I like to layer the hell out your cashmere. I’m now just patiently waiting for knickers…

How do you juggle it all (being a mum/working/staying sane)
Whew. How do any of us do it!?! Yep, it takes a village. My husband is incredibly supportive and a very present parent as well as our children’s grandparents. They are always there for us - especially when Pete and I need some downtime. And I do try to carve out time for myself - a hike, mani/pedi, etc. And I’m always good for a glass of red. Preferably, donning cashmere.

Favourite thing about your job and worst thing about your job (most challenging)
I sincerely love just about everything! I love the ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes and hopefully make the audience connect with a performance that opens their perspective on a person or a situation. I love finding the humanity in just about anyone/anything. Being away from my kiddos is hard, especially the older they get. Time is flying by right now and I’m holding onto them for dear life.

Last time you cried?
Reading my children’s report cards this past week. I don’t think grades, good marks, etc, at the end of the day really matter to me but when I read words like “kind, respectful and hard-working", I’m in shambles.

Best thing you ate in the last week
Ramen. Hands down.


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