Opening of Flat 130, Balfron Tower

October 24, 2014

We love anything to do with architecture and the 1960s, and we were so excited to see this little project. Hungarian-born architect and designer, Ernö Goldfinger, designed and lived in the tower for two months in 1968.


The tower has now been reopened for the public, complete with everything,  just as if you were back in the 1960s: Rurnishings, carpets and accessories. Tilly Hemingway, daughter of fashion designer Wayne Hemingway has thought of it all.


Items from the flat are also being sold on ebay and in the coming days, with proceeds going towards defraying the costs of the project. Tours starting at Langdon Park DLR will provide an insight into the architecture and social housing of the area, so for 75 minutes you, like Goldfinger, can live the modernist dream.



St Leonard’s Rd
E14 0QT

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