London’s Easter Weekend

March 31, 2015

As if the year couldn’t fly by any faster; low and behold this coming Friday sees the start of the Easter Weekend otherwise known as a very well-deserved four day break. And while devouring egg-shaped chocolaty delights are well and truly at the at the top of our To Do list; we thought we’d see just what else is happening around London.

Nothing says Easter more than a good old Easter egg hunt and the city is chock full of them. Be sure to find yourself and the Easter bunny at either The Roof Gardens in Kensington or on an egg-fuelled exploration around Gabriel’s Wharf.


The West End has also got our number with an abundance of spectacular shows going live throughout the weekend. Not one’s to get sick of the sight of chocolate, we feel a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate factory wouldn’t go a miss.

For those really embracing their religious side; Good Friday welcomes ‘The Passion of Jesus’ staging the re-enactment of Jesus’s crucifixion with a stellar cast of 100 performers in Trafalgar Square.


Or, if like us, you’re really feeling that a relaxing weekend is on the way; then grab a couple of glasses, a bottle of bubbly and dust off that picnic basket as you head out to one of London’s many beautiful and Spring-filled parks. Trust us, the latter sounds deliciously tempting.

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